Stories About Love: The Basic Ingredients

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Stories about Love – Love through History and Literature

Conceived and written by Charlotte Bronte, this tale of love and sacrifice is tragic and inspiring. It narrates the tale of two friendless people who find solace in each other. Jane Eyre is an orphan who enters the life of the rich and the gruff Edward Rochester as his…

Heartbreaking and Unforgettable Stories about Love

Perhaps there is no stronger force in the world than love. The attraction between two individuals can be indestructible and overwhelming. Intense emotions can paint a rosy picture and turn the town red. However, it can also be a prelude to disastrous endings a…

Fall In Love Again With These Stories About Love

What is it that comes to your mind when you think of love stories? Perhaps it is the father of love himself, Eric Segal quoting “Love means never having to say sorry” in his most unconventional and unforgettable tale of love, Love Story. You cheer for the haughty…


Most people don’t give a second thought to why stories about love have such a profound effect on their soul. They get caught up in the romance and they don’t really care that they’ve suddenly turned into love sick puppies.

Think back on all the romance novels you’ve read or all the romantic movies you’ve watched and you’ll find they all have certain elements in common.

Opposites Attract

Whether they’ve just been introduced or they’ve known each other all their lives the leads in the romance story are generally distinctly opposite personality types. He’s a cowboy and she’s a city girl. She’s the owner of a Fortune 500 company and he runs a hot dog stand on the corner. He loves dogs, she’s a cat person.

In the case of some of the classics we have Romeo and Juliet who come from warring families and we have Tony and Maria, from opposing gangs.

There’s Always A Conflict

Which brings us to the next common ingredient – a conflict. All good stories about love have some kind of conflict. There’s something that keeps the lovers apart. Richard Gere’s character in Pretty Woman had an aversion to commitment. In ‘Ghost’ the were separated byt death.

In order for a love story to be truly romantic there has to be some seeminly insurmountable obstacle standing in the path of true love.

A Little Bit Of Fairy Dust

If you think about it, which most people never do, there’s no way a romance novel could ever become reality. Just put yourself in the place of one of the characters and imagine yourself being attracted to the other.

Would you, as the owner of a multi-billion dollar corporation seriously hire a gum-cracking hooker, buy her a complete wardrobe and shower her with jewels, just so you could look like you’re in a relationship? Of course not. And you’d certainly never get close enough to her to ask her to marry you.

But one of the key ingredients that all stories of love have in common is a little bit of fairy dust that makes each person blind to the flaws of the other. That same fairy dust makes it possible for you to kiss a ghost or make it to the top of the Empire State Building just in the nick of time.

It’s the combination of all three ingredients that make stories about love so memorable. In real life we always have the conflict and sometimes that insurmountable obstacle just can’t be overcome. But every now and then, we all get a little sprinkling of fairy dust. Just enough to keep us believing in fairy tales.

Different Path Stories…

Stories take us to a world of its own, totally unaffected by the modern day lifestyle. In fact it is such stories that keep us going when we are sick of the busy office lifestyle. Sometimes these stories tend to grip our minds so intensely that we start thinking about it when we are at schools, colleges or even at office. Most stories tend to have a happy ending or at least something that wouldn’t make us feel sad. But every now and then there are a few stories which tend to end on a sad note, which tend to leave the readers in dire straits so bad that it even goes up to a public upheaval. Such sad stories have often been a topic of discussion among the reading crowd.


Such stories can be of different types, it could be about love, loss, death, pain, loneliness, etc. There are quite a few websites that have been dedicated to sad story saga. A few short stories have been listed below.


A Healing Heart: Penned by Melissa A Hanson, this story has won critical acclaim all over the world. It is set in southern California and is the story of a girl named Bailey who lost her parents to a traffic accident a few years ago. Still plagued by the horrendous memories of that night, the only positive distraction Bailey has is babysitting a two year old named Riley. One day as she takes Riley to the park, she meets Collin, her senior at school. Collin tries to give her a better life filled with fun and excitement. Soon, love sparks between the two which blossoms into a relationship. Bailey however, is again plagued by the fact that she might lose her new found happiness as she lost her parents. The story goes on with Bailey trying to reassure herself that everything would be fine.


Before I Fall: It is about a girl who has it all but yet wakes up one day to find that it would be the last day of her life, or is it?. Story goes about with Samantha trying to unravel about what’s the reason behind her death. Author-Lauren Oliver.

A Few Sad Quotes

In addition to sad stories there a few sad quotes with its inner meanings which may put us in a lot of grief but will help us to find our inner self.


“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation”- Khalil Gibran

The person who has quoted this probably meant that people do not realize how strongly they feel for the person they love until the time of separation.


“Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have and should have”- Luis E Boone

Life is nothing until we explore it, fearing uncertainty during exploration will only lead us to repent in future.

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